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Repealing the Affordable Care Act Without a Replacement Would Leave Even More Without Insurance

July 19, 2017 by Ellen Hutton
This week, two additional Republican senators came out against the Senate healthcare bill, leaving it with too few votes to read more

President’s Budget Doubles Down on Massive Medicaid Cuts

June 5, 2017 by Natalie Neill
Despite campaign promises to leave Medicaid untouched, President Trump’s proposed budget doubles down on harmful cuts included in the House read more

Cracking Down on Drug Price Gouging Could Benefit Maryland Residents, State Budget

February 15, 2017 by MDCEP
Position statement supporting Senate Bill 415 Given before the Senate Finance Committee There have been several high-profile examples in recent read more

Drug Price Transparency Could Help Control Costs

February 15, 2017 by MDCEP
Position statement supporting Senate Bill 437 Given before the Senate Finance Committee Skyrocketing costs for prescription drugs are a major read more

State Budget Should Plan for People Returning to Medicaid

March 16, 2016 by Kristina Li
Decision makers in Annapolis appear willing to gamble on passing a budget that likely won’t meet the state’s needs. It read more

Women’s Economic Security Agenda Would Create Greater Economic Security For Working Families

February 12, 2016 by Kristina Li
  Many working families in Maryland aren’t paid enough to make ends meet, can’t take time off work when a read more

Rising Health Insurance Costs Hurt Maryland Workers and Small Businesses

October 7, 2015 by Mark Scott
The rising cost of health insurance is forcing many Maryland families to make tough choices between taking care of their read more

Let’s Aim To Get All Maryland Kids Health Coverage

September 25, 2015 by Mark Scott
More than 40,000 Maryland kids aren’t covered by health insurance, and that needs to change. These are kids at risk read more

More People in Maryland Have Insurance Thanks to Health Care Reform

September 16, 2015 by Mark Scott
The total number of Maryland residents who now have health coverage has increased substantially as a direct result of federal read more

With Affordable Care Act Comes Big Jump In Marylanders With Health Insurance

May 20, 2015 by Mark Scott
The share of Marylanders with health insurance grew at nearly twice the national rate over the past year, showing the read more
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