Policy Topics

Budget and Tax 

Budget and TaxBoth the state budget and federal budget are tools that residents and lawmakers use allocate resources to key priorities and make investments for their future. 

 MDCEP conducts research and analysis on budgetary decisions and policy proposals. We advocate for policies that foster broad prosperity at both the state and federal level, particularly investments in education, infrastructure, and access to affordable health care. 

Economic Opportunity

Construction workerMaryland can encourage economic prosperity by making purposeful investments in good schools, quality infrastructure and access to affordable health care.  These investments can help workers and families succeed and achieve economic security.  

MDCEP conducts research and analysis on how Maryland’s workers are faring in the economy and advocates for effective policies that foster broadly-shared prosperity.


Education Policy TopicEducation is crucial to the economic mobility of residents and the strength of Maryland’s economy as a whole. Unfortunately, low-income Marylanders are less likely to succeed in school and have fewer opportunities compared to those who are more financially advantaged.  

MDCEP conducts research and analysis on state education policy with a focus on how state policymakers make funding decisions the impact Marylanders’ access to educational opportunity. 


Access to quality, affordable health care for all residents is good for families, businesses, and the economy. Fortunately, Maryland has been a leader in expanding access to coverage for residents, but there is still work to do to improve access to health care and to lower its cost. 

MDCEP conducts research and analysis on health policies and programs in Maryland, evaluates new policy proposals, and advocates for polices that improve health outcomes, particularly for low and moderate income residents. 

Criminal Justice

Too often, policies and workplace practices act as barriers to residents with criminal records seeking to rebuild their lives. The economy will not achieve its full potential unless all residents are able to participate.

MDCEP works with partners around Maryland to ensure that law enforcement and economic development work hand in hand, rather than at cross purposes.