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Maryland’s Federal Tax Response Must Protect Low-Income Marylanders

January 25, 2018
New details of how federal tax changes will affect Marylanders show that people with very low incomes – under $25,000 read more

Congressional Republican Tax Plan Will Harm Maryland Families

December 20, 2017
After the House of Representatives and Senate voted to pass the Republican tax bill, Executive Director Benjamin Orr of the read more

GOP Senate Tax Plan Raises Taxes on Working Families, Gives Massive Tax Cuts to Corporations and Wealthy

December 2, 2017
Following Senate passage of the Republican tax bill, Executive Director Benjamin Orr of the Maryland Center on Economic Policy released read more

New Report Shows Benefits of Paid Sick Leave for Maryland Families, Economy

November 30, 2017
About 488,000 Marylanders would gain paid sick leave and thousands more would gain new workplace protections under the final version read more

GOP tax plan: A windfall for Maryland’s top 1 percent while many others see a tax hike

October 4, 2017
Nearly one-third of Marylanders would see their federal taxes go up while the wealthiest few would get massive tax breaks read more

To Set Up All Children for Success, Maryland Must Reform Education Funding

September 14, 2017
  Maryland’s public school system is failing too many of its students because our investments in education have not kept read more

Sales Tax is an Unfair Way to Fix Metro

August 28, 2017
New research shows a sales tax has 5 times greater impact on struggling families than on the richest A 1 read more

Marylanders Ask Governor Hogan to Speak Out About Federal Budget Harms

July 26, 2017
More than 50 organizations across Maryland have come together to ask Gov. Larry Hogan to publicly speak out about how read more

President’s Budget Proposal Would Harm Maryland Families, Push Massive Costs to State

May 23, 2017
The following is a statement from Maryland Center on Economic Policy Executive Director Benjamin Orr. President Trump’s budget slashes nutrition, read more

Analysis Finds Governor’s Sick Leave Bill Protects 240,000 Fewer Maryland Workers

February 2, 2017
A new analysis from the Maryland Center on Economic Policy (MDCEP) finds that the original earned sick days bill, known read more
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