Feeding More Marylanders with Stronger SNAP Policies

November 13, 2014 by Kathleen Algire-Fedarcyk in 2015 Session, Blog

The Food Supplement Program (FSP), helps over 780,000 Maryland families put food on the table. Maryland’s FSP is the state’s Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps. Of the 780,000 people receiving FSP, approximately 325,000 are children and 70,000 are seniors. Without FSP families and individuals would not be able to afford food. For children and seniors, going without food can have dire consequences. Children who do not receive adequate nutrition are more likely to act out in class and have lower grades, while seniors are more likely to have increased health risks associated with inadequate food. At very little cost to the state, FSP has positive long term effects on Maryland as a whole.

Beyond the benefit to Maryland’s families, children, and seniors, FSP is also a great resource for local businesses. Because FSP benefits are used within Maryland, the state’s businesses also receive a boost from FSP. For every $5 in new SNAP/FSP benefits, it generates $9 in economic activity for participating grocery stores.[1]


Co-written with Maryland Hunger Solutions, for more information on how FSP helps Maryland and Marylanders.

[1] Food Research Action Center, “SNAP/Food Stamps Provide Real Stimulus”, 2010, http://frac.org/initiatives/american-recovery-and-reinvestment-act/snapfood-stamps-provide-real-stimulus/