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Paying for Tax Cuts for the Wealthy by Blocking Immigrants from Receiving Tax Credits Will Leave Children Living in Poverty

The tax proposal that passed the U.S. House of Representatives would make it harder for families and students from low-income immigrant families to access tax credits they are legally entitled to. The bill would place new restrictions on the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and the

‘Trickle-Up’ Economic Policies Put People to Work

Maryland’s success as a state is built on the past policy choices we have made that allow us to invest in the things that make Maryland a good place to live and do business. Maryland’s “trickle-up” economic policies have made our economy stronger as compared

State Should Act Swiftly to Guarantee Modestly Paid Workers Fair Pay for Long Hours

Every year, 233,000 Maryland workers with modest salaries put in long hours without getting paid for it. A regulation originally slated to take effect last year would have changed that by updating the federal overtime threshold for decades of inflation. Instead, a flawed judicial decision