• More People in Maryland Have Insurance Thanks to Health Care Reform
    Maryland’s Poor Taxed More Than Rich; Communities of Color Feel Biggest Pinch
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    Now Hiring: Research and Administrative Assistant
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Rising Health Insurance Costs Hurt Maryland Workers and Small Businesses

The rising cost of health insurance is forcing many Maryland families to make tough choices between taking care of their health and meeting other basic needs. Insurance premiums have grown three times as fast as household incomes in Maryland since 2005, meaning that workers and

Baltimore Families Can’t Make Ends Meet on Minimum Wage

Hard-working families in Baltimore and across Maryland struggle to pay their bills because they aren’t paid enough to cover their basic needs. Many are forced to rely on public assistance to put food on the table or to pay their utility bills. In fact 56

Let’s Aim To Get All Maryland Kids Health Coverage

More than 40,000 Maryland kids aren’t covered by health insurance, and that needs to change. These are kids at risk of not seeing a doctor or getting medicine when they are sick, and unlikely to get routine preventive care, like physical exams and flu shots.