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Political Power Struggles Hurt Baltimore Communities

Freddie Gray died two years ago yesterday while in police custody. As anger, unrest, and litigation made Baltimore a fixture in national headlines in the aftermath, one positive development seemed likely to come from this tragic event: a renewed commitment in Annapolis to invest in

An Unregulated Tax Preparation Industry Harms Maryland Families

Last Saturday, I was finishing preparing a client’s tax return at the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site in west Baltimore that I run. As we were completing the signature pages, she asked me if preparers could file your taxes without your signature. I told

Tax Day: Our Shared Investments in Maryland

What kind of state do you want Maryland to be? For most of us, the answer is straightforward. We want to live in safe neighborhoods with reliable roads and amenities like well-maintained parks. We want to send our kids to first-rate schools. We want to