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After the Defeat of ACA Repeal Efforts, Medicaid is Still Under Threat

Federal funding for Medicaid remains under threat from proposals to drastically restructure it, even though most Americans oppose significant funding cuts to Medicaid. The program provides health care coverage to low income families, individuals with disabilities, veterans and seniors, who otherwise would not be able

Tenants Facing Eviction Deserve a Level Playing Field in Court

For low-income families throughout Maryland, finding an affordable place to live is an uphill battle. Rent has skyrocketed, three-quarters of people who qualify for housing assistance vouchers can’t get them due to lack of funding, and many affordable housing units are in severe disrepair. For

Education Experts: ‘Maryland Does Not Do Well on Funding Equity’

Maryland needs to strengthen its commitment to providing an excellent education to the state’s highest-need students. This was the message Marc Tucker, president of the National Center on Education and the Economy, delivered at Wednesday’s meeting of the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education