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Earned Income Tax Credit Leaves Single Taxpayers Behind

Over the next couple of months, as Marylanders file their income taxes and many anxiously wait for state refunds, legislators will be considering whether to expand the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The EITC is widely hailed by Democrats and Republicans alike as a

Struggling Maryland Families Get Less Child Care Help than Other States

The cost of child care is on the rise around the country, and Maryland families have it especially hard. Our child care costs are the fifth highest in the country, with families paying nearly $14,000 per year to keep an infant in good hands while

Maryland’s State Tax Policies Reduce Some Inequality but Have a Long Way to Go

State tax policies often are a culprit in increasing income inequality. Maryland now ranks 24th in the nation for income disparity between the richest 5 percent of households and the poorest 20 percent, despite past attempts to close the gap. There are additional steps we