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Raising Local Minimum Wages to $15 Brings Big Benefits, Statewide Action Would Do More

Despite several years of modest growth since the Great Recession, the benefits of our state’s improving economy are still out of reach for the majority of Marylanders. Since 2007, hourly wages for a typical Maryland worker have failed to keep up with inflation, and the

Will the Governor’s Budget Address the State’s Unmet Needs?

This morning, Gov. Larry Hogan set the stage for another year of missed opportunities for investing in Maryland’s future as he promised his next budget will provide even less money for state services, as a whole, than the current budget does. Despite the governor’s claims

What We’re Watching in the 2017 Legislative Session

Lawmakers began considering hundreds of bills as the Maryland General Assembly began its 90-day legislative session this week. At least a handful of these bills have the potential to affect prosperity for average Marylanders for years to come. Here are a few key issues we’ll