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House Appropriations Committee Restores Funding Where it is Needed the Most

House lawmakers’ decision to restore around $250 million in cuts proposed by Gov. Hogan recognizes that those who can least afford it do not deserve to have the state’s budget balanced on their backs — namely, children and poor pregnant women. The House Appropriations Committee

Strengthening Workers’ Rights to Discuss Pay Strengthens Families Budgets and Maryland’s Economy

The General Assembly has the opportunity to correct gender-based wage discrimination this session. The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (Senate Bill 424/ House Bill 1051) would give employees the tools to correct pay discrepancies without fear of retaliation by their employers, a significant step

Economic Clouds Persist Despite Drop in Unemployment

Maryland’s unemployment rate is lower than the national rate, and more Marylanders are back to work since the recession. However, a closer look at the numbers reveals that Maryland has seen an increase in low-wage jobs and that the recovery is uneven when it comes